Tuesday, 8 June 2010

CyberMummy Conference

Well this morning well checking my emails and wading trough the deluge of freecycle messages, I spotted an email about an upcoming conference in London, aimed at mums who blog. Well I'm a mum and I blog so thought I could treat myself to a day out, great chance to meet fellow bloggers, learn some new blogging techie stuff and network and try and get the Strawberry Annie name out there.

Check out the link on this page for more information. If anyone else is going and fancies meeting up or travelling up together, just shout.



  1. Hi there, it was nice to meet you at the fair! I don't think I'll be able to make to the mums blog event sadly but it does sound very interesting. Are you definately going?

  2. yes definately going, deceided to be brave and just go for it and not worry about how much it cost (gulp!)

    I'm very excited as your my first follower!

  3. Hello, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I can't go to Cybermummy because it clashes with a big family party (have to admit I was a bit surprised by the entry fee myself!). But it looks like a great event and I'll be listening in using Twitter and the blogoshere.