Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lazy Days & Pink Champagne

Well Mr Strawberry is busy sunning himself on a foreign jolly so how have I spent my weekend while he is away?..... sitting in the garden drinking pink champagne while the kids played happily in the sun.

Ok so I fibbed, I've spent the weekend working. Yesterday was spent at Colchester Zoo making animal masks and badges in the Discovery Centre, it proved hot and busy but we did get into the zoo for free so spent the last hour of the day seeing some of the animals with the kids who had been very patient all day.

Today I had planned a lazy day after staying up way too late last night furiously sewing bunting for the festivals....however with time constantly rushing by I am determined to get my website sorted prior to the festival season. What a nightmare, I came very close to giving up several times but perserved but it still miles from being done in fact its hardly begun, so think I'm going to cheat and pay someone else to do it. This is always a bit gutting but i really want it to look good.

So I have been sat at the kitchen table battling on my computer while the kids did play in the paddling pool with not too many arguments.

Well after all that work I needed a treat so I have managed to snaffle my favourite bunting for is now up on my kitchen wall and I love it. My daughter tells me I have a bunting obsession and I think she might be right! There is just something so cheerful and summery about bunting, whenever I see some I automatically think of summer fetes and festivals... which leads me to think I also just love a field with tents and stalls in it, you can keep the music but I love the tents!!!!!

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