Sunday, 20 June 2010

Whats In The Box?

On Friday yet another parcel arrived, this one bigger than ever before.
It has sat taking up my hallway since then but today was opened. The question is what was in the box??????????

Ok so maybe not..... heres a little clue

The first person to guess what its going to become will win one of said item!

Kerry x


  1. I think its going to be a tutu! Have just emailed you re kite festival.

  2. Hi Scrumptious (that sounds wrong as weve never even met!LOL)
    Unfortunately its not going to be a tutu....this is probably impossible to guess as haven't yet mentioned these on this blog but have on my old blog Fairy Finesse.
    At least I got a guess thats good.
    thanks for info on Kite festival..sounds great