Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Guilfest 2010

Well after loads of last minute sewing, we packed up the car, trailer and the roofbox(!) and set off for wet and windy Guildford.

By the time we arrived the sun had broke out but the wind continued relentlessly. Hours later the stall was up and we began the long task of setting out all our stock. We finally settled for the night but it was a very restless one for me as the wind blew in the top of my tent and I was constantly worried about the stall blowing over! At 2.30am in the morning I was out in the pouring rain reclippin the tarpaulins wondering why festivals ever seemed a good idea!

After that bad first night though the weather was kind and by the Sunday it was scorching. The little ones and Mr Strawberry joined us Friday evening, so we had a good nose round the kids zone which is always good at Guilfest.

The festival vibe felt a little more leary than previous years but that could just be me getting a bit older!! We weren't as busy as we normally are, but the hairbows and tutus went well and we had loads of happy customers.

I am about to go and sew another few tutus before sorting the little people with the babysitters/friends etc and setting off for Womad.

Kerry x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shabby Rose Vintage Swap

Well we are back from our adventures at Guilfest, tired but happy, more about that tommorow but for now...

I wanted to share the lovely package that was waiting for me on my return.

I recently signed up to take part in the Tilly Rose Vintage Swap, see Tilly Rose's blog to find out what in involved.

I was duly allocated my partner the very lovely Lisa from noodleBubble nice Blog. Please check out her blog as its full of fun and I know she'd like to hear from you all.

Now to the package, it was wrapped in lovely Cath Kidson wrapping paper and inside I found...

A gorgeous vintage tin which when I opened it, I found it filled to the brim with lovely scrummy goodies...

Some lovely vintage style hair grips..

A handmade felt flower brooch (such a coincidence as I was planning to make exactly the same flower in vintage style fabric to send in my package, great minds think alike!

A really sweet handmade felt pin holder, decorated with a felt heart on the front and contained the cutest heart pins inside..very handy for all my sewing.

A funky ring and some teeny tiny earrings..

Some wooden pegs, decorated in vintage style paper, I use hundreds of pegs in my workroom for pegging both material and photos up to inspire me, so these will be put to good use..

Some vintage buttons and haberdashery...

And lastly a really sweet hedgehog chocolate bar..

What a lucky girl I am, and what a generous girl Lisa is!! Thank you Lisa soooooo lovely.

Now I need to start planning my package to send in return, I am currently working on something vintage inspired to send and I went searching the charity shops earlier for something I need but alas have not yet found. I will keep looking though and it will soon all be done.

I will upload photos and gossip from Guilfest tommorow

Kerry x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Another Weekend Whizzing By

Well life has still been very busy here at Strawberry Annies but at a slightly less hectic pace than previous weeks.

I think I was reaching the burn out stage, so I have slightly slowed things, and have taken the approach of what is not done, will have to wait!

I made some very basic curtains for my stall yesterday, I want to partition off the very back of my stall for storage etc but my daughter had the bright idea of making it a moveable partition so maybe of an evening I can make the back area larger and let the kids stay in the back bit when they're tired etc etc.

Today was spent visiting my mum and dad, after a lovely pizza lunch, Mr Strawberry and myself spent a hot hour putting up my stall (hot in the sense of the weather not anything more exciting LOL). Unfortunately it had got slightly rusty as my old trailer had sprung a leak at some point but once up it looked ok. I have not used the stall since last September so I wanted to put it all together to check I had all pieces and could remember how to do it.

I bought a new trailer this year, which I found very exciting for some weird reason...I worked so hard as a party fairy to pay for it, that now I can really treasure it. Mr Strawberry built a platform in it for me on Saturday so my stall can fit under it and my stock boxes on top (hmmm just realisied how helpful he has been this weekend maybe I better get off the computer and make him some dinner..)

The next few days are a rush of appointments for the kids stuff and trying to finish off last few bits and Thursday I'm off to Guilfest.

Kerry x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tutu Photoshoot Today

Well today is a big day for Strawberry Annies, we are having our very first photoshoot for our website!

I'm excited and nervous. I have had a nightmare sorting out models etc but I think after a last minute dash round the mums at school today it's all sorted. We have had to change venue due to model issues but my lovely photographer is very chilled and assures me it will be great!

More later......

Kerry x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

So I didn't Go...

Well having failed miserably at getting some money back on my Cybermummy ticket I deceided at last minute that I'd better go as just couldn't justify the expense. I tried to tell myself I could catch up on making tutus next week between my other work.

After getting up and washed this morning, I knew in my heart I was kidding myself and I wouldn't get the tutus made without spending all day on them, so made the sensible but dull decision to work instead of going.

To say I was feeling fed up this morning was an understatement. The thought of all that money wasted is just too gutting...I am cross with myself for treating myself to the ticket in the first place.

Anyway I also made my daughters day by kicking her out of bed at 8.45am to come and work on the tutus with me.

Mr Strawberry has taken the two little ones to the beach for the day so I am determined to get most of the tutus done today while they're out. Not many sewn so far as have spent most of the morning cutting net, but they should start coming together fairly quickly now (I hope!)

I have just popped out to Tescos and treated myself to a fresh cream scone...yum! Now back to the sewing machine. Keep smiling I'm telling myself, in fact its more of a gritted teeth grimace but it will be all worth it when my stall is fully stocked with lovelie goodies.

Kerry x

Friday, 2 July 2010

Ticket For Sale or Swap Maybe

I sadly can no longer go to Cybermummy which on in London tommorow. My workload is just too big at the minute, I need to spend the day making tutus...

So I now have a fully paid for ticket which I can't use. I had some people interested in buying it but then changed their mind so I am running out of time.

If anyone fancies going looks to be a really good blogging conference.

I am open to offers for my ticket, or maybe an exchange of services for it, or if you make things maybe swap some product for it.

Anyway let me know if your interested