Sunday, 11 July 2010

Another Weekend Whizzing By

Well life has still been very busy here at Strawberry Annies but at a slightly less hectic pace than previous weeks.

I think I was reaching the burn out stage, so I have slightly slowed things, and have taken the approach of what is not done, will have to wait!

I made some very basic curtains for my stall yesterday, I want to partition off the very back of my stall for storage etc but my daughter had the bright idea of making it a moveable partition so maybe of an evening I can make the back area larger and let the kids stay in the back bit when they're tired etc etc.

Today was spent visiting my mum and dad, after a lovely pizza lunch, Mr Strawberry and myself spent a hot hour putting up my stall (hot in the sense of the weather not anything more exciting LOL). Unfortunately it had got slightly rusty as my old trailer had sprung a leak at some point but once up it looked ok. I have not used the stall since last September so I wanted to put it all together to check I had all pieces and could remember how to do it.

I bought a new trailer this year, which I found very exciting for some weird reason...I worked so hard as a party fairy to pay for it, that now I can really treasure it. Mr Strawberry built a platform in it for me on Saturday so my stall can fit under it and my stock boxes on top (hmmm just realisied how helpful he has been this weekend maybe I better get off the computer and make him some dinner..)

The next few days are a rush of appointments for the kids stuff and trying to finish off last few bits and Thursday I'm off to Guilfest.

Kerry x


  1. Hi there, are you doing a stall at Guilfest? hope it goes well. Are you doing any local fair? I'll come and say hi! The trailer sounds great!

  2. Hi Julie

    Yes we have a stall at Guilfest, so I am currently running round like a headless chicken trying to get everything ready.

    Not sure on local fairs as out at Womad the following weekend, then hopefully London Mela etc etc.

    Kerry x