Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Guilfest 2010

Well after loads of last minute sewing, we packed up the car, trailer and the roofbox(!) and set off for wet and windy Guildford.

By the time we arrived the sun had broke out but the wind continued relentlessly. Hours later the stall was up and we began the long task of setting out all our stock. We finally settled for the night but it was a very restless one for me as the wind blew in the top of my tent and I was constantly worried about the stall blowing over! At 2.30am in the morning I was out in the pouring rain reclippin the tarpaulins wondering why festivals ever seemed a good idea!

After that bad first night though the weather was kind and by the Sunday it was scorching. The little ones and Mr Strawberry joined us Friday evening, so we had a good nose round the kids zone which is always good at Guilfest.

The festival vibe felt a little more leary than previous years but that could just be me getting a bit older!! We weren't as busy as we normally are, but the hairbows and tutus went well and we had loads of happy customers.

I am about to go and sew another few tutus before sorting the little people with the babysitters/friends etc and setting off for Womad.

Kerry x

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