Saturday, 3 July 2010

So I didn't Go...

Well having failed miserably at getting some money back on my Cybermummy ticket I deceided at last minute that I'd better go as just couldn't justify the expense. I tried to tell myself I could catch up on making tutus next week between my other work.

After getting up and washed this morning, I knew in my heart I was kidding myself and I wouldn't get the tutus made without spending all day on them, so made the sensible but dull decision to work instead of going.

To say I was feeling fed up this morning was an understatement. The thought of all that money wasted is just too gutting...I am cross with myself for treating myself to the ticket in the first place.

Anyway I also made my daughters day by kicking her out of bed at 8.45am to come and work on the tutus with me.

Mr Strawberry has taken the two little ones to the beach for the day so I am determined to get most of the tutus done today while they're out. Not many sewn so far as have spent most of the morning cutting net, but they should start coming together fairly quickly now (I hope!)

I have just popped out to Tescos and treated myself to a fresh cream scone...yum! Now back to the sewing machine. Keep smiling I'm telling myself, in fact its more of a gritted teeth grimace but it will be all worth it when my stall is fully stocked with lovelie goodies.

Kerry x


  1. Hello Sweetie!
    Hope the scone was nice - have just found out I'm your Tilly Rose Vintage Swap Partner!

    Can you email me your address please?
    noodleBubble AT Hotmail DOT co DOT uk and I'll forward mine to you.

    Hope the sewing's going well?


  2. Sorry to hear you didn't make it. You will be glad when your stall is well stocked and the tutus are flying off the shelves. Hope the cake was nice and you have more fun this week!

  3. aah, thanks..yes the scone was lovely but probably overdosed on cakes this weekend, as suffering a bit today!
    Tutus are now well on their way, but still LOADS to go!!!

    Hi Lisa,
    I will email you, really excited about the swap!
    Kerry x