Saturday, 28 August 2010

Countess of Warwick Show

Ok so tommorow I will be having a stall at the Countess of Warwick Show, Great Dunmow, Essex. I am hoping to sell off some fairy dresses and costumes that I no longer want to stock. I need to turn stock back into money so I can concentrate on Strawberry Annie's current stock.

Link here if you fancy it Countess of Warwick Show

Kerry x

Started Sewing This Morning..

and made this bag for little Miss Strawberry. It's not perfect, I think I should of shaped the liner at the top slightly so the seams sat flater but she liked it and I love the combination of fabric (her choice!)

I have also been busy sewing yet more bunting but now need to take the strawberries out somewhere as they are going stir crazy (or maybe its me!)

Kerry x

Friday, 27 August 2010

What Not To Do When Its Going To Rain..

It started off really well.

Then it all went soggily wrong.

And yes I was on the kart pedalling away in the rain!

Kerry x

Thursday, 26 August 2010

And the winner of a tutu is....

Well as promised the prize draw to win a handtied tutu took place today. Only four followers left a comment..a little bit less than I would of hoped for but a promise is a promise. My little strawberry was happy to work as the prize drawer(?)

So Louise from Sew Scrumptious well done, if you have a look on my website and choose the colours and size you would like, I will get it made and sent to you.

Kerry x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Oops I Went AWOL!!!!!

The gorgeous Southwold.

Well apologies its been so long since I updated you. The Strawberry's had a weekend away at Haven which was fun.

I haven't forgot the prize draw for the tutu, I will be doing that tommorow.

I will also have a sneak preview of a new product range...I have misplaced my sewing box which is a pain!! So just need to go and buy some more white cotton to finish it off and then I will photograph it and show you what I've been working on.

I have some Strawberry news too.. Strawberry Annie's is going in a slightly new direction and will be launching themselves onto the wholesale market in the next few months. I have made the decision that this will be the best way to move the business forward and make it a viable work option. I have booked a stall at the Spring Fair 2011... All very nerve wracking but exciting too. I will be working on the new wholesale ranges over the next few months but I will still be running my retail side.

Right off to cut out some more bunting as I want to get it added to my website shortly.

Kerry x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Strawberry Annie's Website Now Open

Well at long long last, our website is open and ready to serve up some lovely scrummy goodies to all the strawberry pickers out there!

We will be adding more products over the coming months but we have a good selection on there so far.

Let me know what you think....

Kerry x

ps don't forget to win a tutu become a follower of our blog and leave a comment to let me know.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Barefoot Festival Review

Well as promised a little bit of feedback from the Barefoot Festival. Well after quite a slow journey from Essex to Leicester we arrived on site, to find that all the trading spots round the main field had been filled. This was the first dissapointment, swiftly followed by spotting a lovely stall selling very similar tutus & fairy dresses to ourselves. Now let me put this in context, it was only a tiny festival and there was no way it could support more than one trader selling the same items. The festival was set up in a field, with a fire in the middle and hay bales for seating round it, then there was about three largish marquees/tents and a colourful circus tent, then the remainder of the circle was made up of traders stalls.

We were told to start a traders avenue leading to campsite, which I wasn't too happy with, so we sat in the car for another couple of hours deceiding whether to go straight home again. In the end we deceided to stay for the night and give it a chance but by now even the avenue spots were full, so we were positioned behind, yes behind the circus tent, out of view of everyone and feeling very out of the festival fun! We reluctantly set up the stall but didn't bother opening until Saturday as there didn't appear to be many people there and the weather was awful. The other blight on the festival was the field had obviously very recently had livestock in it, so there was cow pats everywhere!!!!! Rainbow Over The Circus Tent!

Right after all that moan, heres the good bits, the people organising it were lovely, the other traders were friendly, the camp fire was good, loads of workshops on and the little strawberries loved it and didn't want to come home. They had free roam to run round and climb on the hay bales etc. I think it I had been with friends etc I also would of enjoyed it but I felt I couldn't join in much as I had to watch the strawberries, but didn't have anyone to sit and chat with!

It didn't get any busier on Saturday, so by 5pm I had sold virtually nothing, and made the decision to pack up and come home!

I did my fairy wing workshop on Saturday which went really well, and I managed to find someone to do the same on Sunday in my absence, I left all the bits so I hope it went OK.

Kerry x

Monday, 16 August 2010

Tidy Up Time

Well the Barefoot Festival was not a great success, but more about that later...I have just been putting the camping gear up in the loft and attempted abit of a tidy up while I was there. Then the phone rang and that gave me an excuse to come down.

I am now going to attempt to tidy my workroom so I can get motivated to actually make some bits. Some followers of my old blog will know that I changed to a larger workroom earlier this year with the plan of changing the old study into a bit of a boys room for the playstation etc. Anyway upto now that didn't happen as I actually used it as a storeroom for my tutus but Mr Strawberry finally got another telly for in there so yesterday I cleared all my stock out and now I can't get in my workroom. Its not as bad as it looks but does need a clear up.

Back later

Kerry x

ps don't forget to be in with a chance of winning a tutu leave a comment, you've only got till Wednesday!!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Barefoot Festival

Well today was spent once again loading up the trailer and car to bursting point and rushing round Tesco's trying to find food that we can eat while camping.

Tommorow we are off to Leicestershire to the Barefoot Festival, This will be a first for us as we haven't been to it before and not sure what to expect. I'm hoping for a quite a laid back event as I have the little strawberries with me so I will have my hands full!

The festival encourages dressing up so I'm hoping to sell lots of tutus and wings and other scrummy goodies. I have just spent the evening bending willow into fairy wings for the workshops I am running. You have to bend the willow while its still wet so no idea if this will be possible there or not. I have made up 50 sets of wings ready for decoration but I have loads more willow soaking in the paddling pool, so will take that along as well.

Having my all singing, all dancing trailer was suppose to cut down on my loading and unloading times before festivals and after but as I didn't take it to the London Mela, I had to start all over again, also I've deceided to just use my gazebo for this one so had to unload the stall. Right I'm even boring myself now, so I'm off to pack my bag!!

Kerry x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The London Mela

Well I very nearly didn't go to this one as I just had a feeling I wouldn't take enough money to make it viable. Against my better judgement I paid my stand costs (very expensive!) and off we set at 7.30am to London.

We had a clear journey and soon arrived on site and preceded to check in and get shown to our pitch. We had a corner site and were directly opposite the kids zone, so all should of been good. These photos were taken in the Kids Zone which had some sort of under the sea theme going on.

Unfortunately it never really got very busy and suffice to say it wasn't worth all the effort as by the time our costs had come out of it, there wasn't really any profit.

This has left me feeling very deflated as this years trading season has been so down on previous years. I don't think its my products as I get good feedback and we work extra hard to make our stall as attractive as possible but the people just aren't buying. I have another festival this weekend which is alot more reasonable so should be quite a relaxed affair I hope. I have cancelled one for the end of the month as on reflection the high stall costs just aren't viable for me!!

Right I have a pile of flower hair clips waiting to be sewn, the little strawberries are bickering once more (the joy of the summer holidays!)

Kerry x

Monday, 9 August 2010

Tutu Giveaway

Fancy getting your mitts on one of our lovely handtied tutus? All you need to do is become a follower of the strawberrie's blog and leave a comment here to let me know you've joined us. If you already follow our blog just leave a comment. All names will be put into a hat and one lucky follower will be drawn out on Wednesday 19th August 2010.

I am beginning to feel that I am chattering on into a black hole of nothingness...I love to hear from people, so please do leave a comment if your passing through. It will be very much appreciated!!!


Saturday, 7 August 2010

Womad 2010

Better late than never, here our a few pics from Womad! It was quite a chilled affair but not alas as busy as it normally is. Too many stalls selling tutus always a problem!!!!!!!!

The little strawberries only visited for one night and the Sunday so plenty of our time was spent making up tutus while on the stall. I did spend a very hot hour on Sunday afternoon with my son while he tryed to raise some money by collecting empty plastic beakers from the arena, you got 10p per cup. We managed a grand total of £1.00. Other people were trading them in and getting £30 don't know how they were managing it as we walked round and round and round looking.

I did however come across a stall selling Jofli bears. This is a little bear that comes with its very own bag, packed with a diary and pen. The idea being that you take the bear along wherever you go and then write about it in the diary. You can also take photos and upload onto the main Jofli website. I thought this would be a good idea as I travel around quite abit with my little strawberries. It would be good writing practice and also plotting where we go etc. So far so good, check it out at

Today was spent at my youngest Strawberrie's birthday party. We held it at a Thorndon Country Park, and it was really good. One of the park rangers take you into the woods and we had a tinkerbell treasure hunt, then we built dens and played hide and seek. The Dad's got a bit competitive with their den!

The party was rounded off with a birtday lunch back at the visitor centre. I would really recommend these parties to anyone. It was all a little strange as it was her birthday last December and I have been promising her a party ever since!!!!! Only eight months late but we got there in the end.

Tommorow the strawberries on the march again, just for the day this time, to the London Mela. I have no idea what this will be like as I've never been before but fingers crossed it will be good!!

Kerry x