Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Barefoot Festival Review

Well as promised a little bit of feedback from the Barefoot Festival. Well after quite a slow journey from Essex to Leicester we arrived on site, to find that all the trading spots round the main field had been filled. This was the first dissapointment, swiftly followed by spotting a lovely stall selling very similar tutus & fairy dresses to ourselves. Now let me put this in context, it was only a tiny festival and there was no way it could support more than one trader selling the same items. The festival was set up in a field, with a fire in the middle and hay bales for seating round it, then there was about three largish marquees/tents and a colourful circus tent, then the remainder of the circle was made up of traders stalls.

We were told to start a traders avenue leading to campsite, which I wasn't too happy with, so we sat in the car for another couple of hours deceiding whether to go straight home again. In the end we deceided to stay for the night and give it a chance but by now even the avenue spots were full, so we were positioned behind, yes behind the circus tent, out of view of everyone and feeling very out of the festival fun! We reluctantly set up the stall but didn't bother opening until Saturday as there didn't appear to be many people there and the weather was awful. The other blight on the festival was the field had obviously very recently had livestock in it, so there was cow pats everywhere!!!!! Rainbow Over The Circus Tent!

Right after all that moan, heres the good bits, the people organising it were lovely, the other traders were friendly, the camp fire was good, loads of workshops on and the little strawberries loved it and didn't want to come home. They had free roam to run round and climb on the hay bales etc. I think it I had been with friends etc I also would of enjoyed it but I felt I couldn't join in much as I had to watch the strawberries, but didn't have anyone to sit and chat with!

It didn't get any busier on Saturday, so by 5pm I had sold virtually nothing, and made the decision to pack up and come home!

I did my fairy wing workshop on Saturday which went really well, and I managed to find someone to do the same on Sunday in my absence, I left all the bits so I hope it went OK.

Kerry x

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