Monday, 16 August 2010

Tidy Up Time

Well the Barefoot Festival was not a great success, but more about that later...I have just been putting the camping gear up in the loft and attempted abit of a tidy up while I was there. Then the phone rang and that gave me an excuse to come down.

I am now going to attempt to tidy my workroom so I can get motivated to actually make some bits. Some followers of my old blog will know that I changed to a larger workroom earlier this year with the plan of changing the old study into a bit of a boys room for the playstation etc. Anyway upto now that didn't happen as I actually used it as a storeroom for my tutus but Mr Strawberry finally got another telly for in there so yesterday I cleared all my stock out and now I can't get in my workroom. Its not as bad as it looks but does need a clear up.

Back later

Kerry x

ps don't forget to be in with a chance of winning a tutu leave a comment, you've only got till Wednesday!!!


  1. Hi there, sorry to hear about the Barefoot festival. I've just had a disastrous one too at Aldeburgh carnival. The strong gales blew my gazebo down, ripped it, then it got stomped on deliberately by a not very nice person! It was a cold, wet weekend! Other than that hope all is well!

  2. OH no.. I've left a comment on your blog. Last year was really good there for you wasn't it? It has been a tough tough year trade wise for everyone I think.. not that thats much consilation for all the hard work that goes into attending events.

  3. Hi. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Love your tutus and have a little Granddaughter who would just love to win one so please put me in your draw. Sorry to hear your sales haven't been as good as expected. Our sales in our blog shop haven't been brill lately either....think everyone is in their holiday more so really hope sales pick up for us all soon.
    A x