Thursday, 30 September 2010

Scrummy Selection Boxes

I have spent this morning sewing new bows and flowers to fill our scrummy selection boxes. These are obviously just quick snap shots and the box colour will be changed and tags etc added but you get the idea.

Strawberry Annie's is now doing home shopping parties, so I thought these would be great gift ideas for people to buy.

We will be offering different colour combinations and different fillings for each box. I still need to fully cost out these but at the moment I'm thinking around the £10 per box price.

Let me know what you think

Kerry x


  1. Gorgeous! I would def buy these as presents. May you could also do slightly smaller ones. I am always looking for presents for Izzy to take to parties for around the £6 mark. A smaller box of little clips would be perfect for that. The one above is def good value at £10 tho.

  2. Good idea, I also look for the six pound mark for birthday presents....keep me in mind I can always do different size ones as wanted.