Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Photo Nightmares!!

I have long been battling with taking really good photographs of my products hence twice having had proffessional photo shoots done for my website.

However great though this was, and alot of fun it is not viable everytime I need to add products to my website. I have loads of goodies ready to sell but haven't been able to list them on my website, as I don't want shoddy shots letting the whole site down.

I have splurged a little and bought some light tents and daylight lamps & tripod etc but still not having alot of success which is very annoying. Today was meant to be spent trying again but I got bogged down in finishing orders. After a refreshing cup of tea I am going to spend the next hour trying to get to grips with it, then I need to deliver some goodies to 'Under The Pink Umbrella' in Chelmsford.

In the meantime I shall leave you with a couple of shots of the kids recent pumpkin carving endeavours....they may have had a bit of help from big sister but they did hollow them out themselves this year and come up with the ideas so thats a step up from last time!

Wish me luck x

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