Monday, 17 January 2011

Countdown To Spring Fair 2011


Well less than 3 weeks to go till Spring Fair, preparations are now in full flow. The first item on this weeks 'To Do' list is getting more tutus photographed and onto the website, so potential suppliers can see more of the range we can offer.

I'm a little behind schedule as the photographer is booked for tomorrow and I still have tutus to finish, before I even start on other items. I thought I would share a little snapshot of how my workroom looks when an tutu order is in progress. It is important that the tutus stay fluffy and clean. Tulle attracts every little bit of fluff in the air, so I vacuum my workroom before I start work and then make sure the tutus don't go on the floor. Not easy to do, so I have installed an extra pole above my workdesk for storing tutus while they are in progress.

I will updating this blog regularly in the run up to the Spring Fair, sharing any ideas/insights I can think of.

Kerry x

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  1. Tee Hee - Looks Fab!

    Good Luck with the Spring Fair - will look forward to hearing how it went X