Monday, 3 January 2011

Fancy Nancy Planning

Happy New Year to all friends/followers of Strawberry Annie's. Here at Strawberry HQ, we are full of enthusiaum and we have a good feeling that 2011 is going to be the year of the Strawberry!

Before we get properly back to work, we have a party to plan for the youngest strawberry. Being a very girly girl, she has requested a Fancy Nancy Party based on the gorgeous books by Jane O'Connor (find out more

Fancy invites were ordered from Etsy, and handed out before the school holidays. With less than a week to go its time to plan what we are going to do. Some of you might know that I use to run a children's party business for several years, but despite this (or maybe because of it) I still find planning a party stressful but I am determined to make this fun for her.

We are going to make a sparkly 'Bonjour' sign for the front door (Nancy likes to use French words for extra fancyness) We are going to have a beauty parlour set up for painting nails and adding glitter but I need a really good name for this so I can make a sign. The room will be decorated with lots of pink sparklyness so I need to buy streamers and bits for this. Our living room is pink and red anyway so quite girly to start with!

The birthday tea will be a big part of the party, so I am going to set up the table in the kitchen and use lots of cake stands, posh plates etc.

Now I just need to start actually making things and getting organised.

Kerry x


  1. I love the sound of this! Salon de beaute is the French for beauty salon! Although I quite like Salon Rouge!
    Good Luck! If you need a hand let me know!

  2. oh get you, French speaking as well, I got a D in French and have always been rubbish at languages.

    By the way, your books were very much appreciated by the nans.