Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Inviting You To A Giveaway..

As regular followers will know, Strawberry Annie's are taking the giant step of having a stand at the upcoming trade show Spring Fair

This has been a massive financial outlay for us and it is so important that everything is done to make it a success. The first step being to invite 'boutique/gift shop' owners to view our range at the fair.

We have a few places to invite but I need loads more.....so what you need to do to enter our giveaway, is simply to suggest some shops in your area that we could invite. Maybe it's a children's boutique or perhaps a general gift shop or somewhere else entirely, don't forget we can supply gorgeous shabby chic bunting as well as tutus and bows.....

What will you get if yours is the name pulled out of the hat? A £15.00 voucher to spend on any Strawberry Annie's products. If required we will also post a link to your blog, facebook, shop, website etc.

So how do you enter, it's simple just choose one of the following or all of them for more chances.

* suggest a shop (one entry per shop suggested)
* follow this blog (might as well as your here, one extra entry)
* follow us on twitter here (one entry)
* tweet to say you've entered this giveaway with a link to this post (one entry)
* share our facebook page with your friends (one entry)
* mention this on post on your blog (one entry)

Closing Date 18th January 2011.

Kerry x

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