Monday, 21 February 2011

Spring Fair NEC - Part 2 Sarah's Take On It

Well as promised I wanted to give a different point of view on our recent trade event, I was obviously deeply concerned about the cost to Strawberry Annie's etc while Sarah had come along to work the stand with me and wanted it to be a scucess I felt it might be interesting to see what her thoughts on the event where and here it is.....

I tagged along with Strawberry Annie's and the truly scrumptious boutique to the Spring Fair at NEC. We had an amazingly kitsch stand and went all out with the 1950's kitchen theme- even dressed up! The response we got was very flattering. Our display really turned heads, and feedback on our products was excellent.

My impressions of the event overall were mixed. It really is an enormous venue, split into halls in an attempt to categorise and simplify things but I don't know that this really worked. General product descriptions meant that the Strawberry Annie's stall could just as easily have been put in the hall for 'Design led products' or 'fashion accessories' or 'Childrens' instead of the hall where we were placed (Gifts and household) also, the placing of certain stalls seemed a bit bizarre, in some cases direct competitors were placed next to each other and in other areas several totally unrelated products would be in a row. Basicly, I got the impression that the buyers were wandering aimlessly in the hope of stumbling across something of interest.

Luckily for us, some of the people that were wandering past did take an interest and we were able to make contact with a range of buyers. The foot flow in our area was lower than I had expected but the quality of the orders we achieved was good so overall I think we had a good week.

Sarah x

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