Thursday, 31 March 2011

Knit and Natter

Well yesterday evening found me at the local Knit and Natter group, despite the fact I can't knit.

The recently opened Make Do & Mend, situated at the rear of Truly Madly Vintage, is a great indie start up, run by the lovely Hannah. Make, Do & Mend seek to share the crafts and trades that are being lost, to provide the opportunity for people to learn new skills, remember old skills, get excited about being creative and pass skills on to others,offering workshops, sewing machine hire by the hour and most importantly a friendly welcome to everyone.

There are different types of workshop each night Mon - Fri 7-9pm, check here for details.

Last night there was a choice of either 'You've Never Felt So Good' workshop or there was the knitting group to sit with. I opted to join the knitters, albeit with my bows to sew. I was immediately made to feel welcome by everyone in the group, there was plenty of tea or wine on offer, drank from the finest vintage crockery. Thanks to the lovely people, I chatted more than I sewed, but that was all good.

I will be definitely returning again next week, and maybe making some new friends and learning some new skills.

Kerry x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I Crashed My Beloved Cargo Bike

Well as some of you may already know, several months ago when snow was still thick on the ground I finally purchased a cargo bike, something I had longed for, dreamed about and saved for, for what felt like forever.

Since buying the bike I have been out on it virtually every day, kids have been loaded in, weekly shopping has been done, parcels have been delivered to customers, wholesale orders have been taken to the post office, no matter what the weather, we've been on the bike. It has been so much fun, the kids love going in it, I have saved a fortune on petrol and have got a bit fitter in the process.

However yesterday after completing my longest ride yet, to our local hospital for my daughters eye check, I was feeling very chuffed with how far my fitness had improved,then disaster struck.

I was free wheeling down a hill to collect the kids from school, when all of a sudden I felt the front end go, the box literally flew off the frame, upended it self onto the front panel and I went flying over the top, and then the frame of the bike landed on my leg. The whole thing probably only lasted seconds but it was incredibably frightening. Several mums rushed over to see if I was ok, but in all honesty I felt completely humiliated and just wanted the ground to open up. They helped me pick the bike & box up and we had to just dump it on the pavement so I could get to school and collect the kids.

Thankfully one of the dads took pity on me & my bike and came down with his tool kit to try and put it back together. It was no easy task, but we did manage to get it to the point where I could wheel it home.

I am so thankful the kids weren't in it at the time as that would of been horrific. The stupid part is I had mentioned that is sounded a bit rattlely and I thought the bolts needed checking. I had no idea that they would all come out like they did and cause such a sudden crash.

The moral of the story is don't put off till tomorrow things that you know need doing NOW!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Busy Times

My workroom after I've tidied up..

This blog has once again been sadly neglected, I have been completely up to my eyes in wholesale orders since the Spring Fair International. At last I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I am finishing off the last couple of orders in the next few days and then I can turn my attention to our new products.

We will shortly be launching a new 'Baby Headband' range, samples are made and photoshoot is needed. I have a meeting with the photographer on Wednesday to discuss what we're going to do.

We may need more baby models so if you have a little girl under the age of 15 mths and can get to either Chelmsford or Braintree give me a shout.

Kerry x