Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm Riding In The Tweed Run

Well the cargo bike is now mended and I somewhat gingerly took back to the road. Still loving it but my crash has severely knocked my confidence and I am taking the downhills so slowly but determined to keep on pedaling.

This Saturday will see myself and Mr Strawberry riding in this years Tweed Run. A bit of a jolly toodle round London Town by pedal power while dressed in Tweed. I have a vague idea of what I'm going to wear but am torn between a couple of options so with only two days to go I need to get on with it.

Last night I went to the local Knit and Natter group, and spent the time making a tweed hair corsage type thing so thats one thing nearly done. I have some work to do this morning and then I am going to take some time off work to make tweed bunting for my cargo bike, well you have to make an effort sometimes!

Kerry x


  1. Did the Tweed Run give you back some confidence? I hope so - I've just been reading about your accident with the cargo bike and can understand totally that embarrassed feeling when people rush to help. The reason I asked Ian to build a trike tagalong was that I'd tried a single-wheel tagalong and nearly gone under a bus - a nice bloke stopped to help, and I was mortified.

    It was lovely meeting you! A x

  2. How was it? I'd read about the Tweed Run somewhere else and had hoped it was something to do with the river (which is about 200 m from where I'm sitting) but sadly not... Hope it was fun!

  3. Thanks for the comments, sorry for the delay in posting. I will be posting up a write up about the tweed run v.shortly.

    It was so much fun, best day I've had in ages, I loved every minute of it.

    Antonia yes it did give me some confidence back, but although I am riding my cargo trike every single day again, I am still a little nervous of the same thing happened. My husband now checks the bolts are tight every couple of weeks for me but every time I hear a rattle I start to worry.

    I would love a tag along trike and it is something that I've been pondering getting as I about to get a pashley for when I don't want to take the cargo bike, but at the moment my youngest can't ride properly yet, so I thought maybe a tag along trike...
    your accident with the bus sounds horrible.. let me know how the tag along trike is going, I wondered about getting someone to build me one but didn't know who to ask and how much it would cost..