Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Lovely New Bicycle

Well as many of you will know I ride around on a crazy cargo trike, but I do also own a 'normal' bike, a basic mountain bike that although quick to get about it not very practical or pretty. There was no where to put my bag or any shopping which put me off using it.

So for a couple of months now I have had my eye on the very lovely Pashleys, Mr Strawberry was suitably impressed with them and very generously offered to buy me one. Then the fun began choosing which one I wanted. I knew straight away, it had to be a pretty colour, the more gears the better after struggling daily with hills while on my trike, and I wanted the lovely curved handlebars.

I was smitten with the very lovely Poppy bicycle, available in girly pink or a very pretty blue, cute but I really did want the curved handlebars, and also by the time you added on the extras like a basket etc it wasn't any cheaper than the fully kitted out top of the range ones.

So in the end I opted for this beauty...

Isn't she gorgeous, I have proudly showed her off to anyone who shows even the politest of interest. My friend Vicky felt she deserved a name so after running through a few suggestions Ruby it is.

I will still be riding my trike on an almost daily basis but if its just me (child free) Ruby will be my mode of transport. I have already fallen off her once, on the day I got her but the least said about that the better. I went for drinks with the girls last night in town and I proudly rode my bicycle there and back.

Kerry x

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  1. gorge!

    I love that you have two beauties. A complete set of bikes!

  2. why thank you, I have added a red rose to the basket already and I have a rear rack, and planning to add a GRG seat on the back (oh check me out I sound all bike geeky!) LOL x

  3. Oh my! Love your new bike. Ruby is stunning. Also a cargo-biking mama, this does inspire me. I say that someday I will get a "bike of my own."