Thursday, 28 July 2011

Competing For Bliss

My husband Dan has been participating in some triathlon events this year and has so far completed two and done really well coming 7th overall at his last event (can you tell I'm a bit proud!)

He has trained incredibly hard for the Big One 'Virgin Active London Triathlon' which is happening this Sunday. For those of you not up on your triathlons, it is basically where you swim, then cycle, then run all in one race. Dan will be completing the olympic distance so he will swim 1500m, then cycle 40km then run 10km, I'm tired just typing it! He will be taking part to raise funds for 'Bliss' the charity for babies born too sick or too soon.

As some regular readers will know our son Murphy was born very premature and at this time we found the advice given by Bliss incredibly useful at what was obviously a very stressful time. They work tirelessly to support both parents and to campaign for better treatment & services for both the babies and their families.

So far Dan has raised over £600 but it would be great if we could get this just a little bit higher, so if you'd like to show your support for Bliss by visiting his just giving page, we would really appreciate it.

Kerry x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The one where I was turned down..

Some of you might know I recently (well several weeks ago) applied for a studio at the a very beautiful local historic house. I was given an interview which I thought went fairly well and since then I have been on tenderhooks waiting to hear the result, and waiting, and waiting. Yesterday a letter arrived, a very standard letter, saying thanks for applying but no thank you.

To say I was gutted would be an understatement, it just would of been so perfect, a space away from the home, to work, create, design, think. It was near enough to drop the kids at school and then ride my bicycle there and unbelievably as it was it was in my budget.

I think I wouldn't of been quite so dissapointed if I had heard quicker the outcome, as time went on you want it more and more. It also would of been fantastic to get some feedback on why I was unsuccessful..I'm presuming it was because my products didn't really 'fit' into the arts & crafts criteria of the studios. I can fully understand this but in order to be able to pay my bills you have to be a bit more commercial than arty or I would be failing.

Sometimes what can feel like bad news at the time, can actually lead to something better down the line but on this occassion I can't quite see how, as nothing else i've seen is anywhere near my budget.

I need a group of creatives in Chelmsford to band together and set up our own studios, that would be fantastic but can't really imagine that happening. I would love to make it happen but I just don't have the resources financially to start it up.

Right moan and grumble finished on to better things...this weekend is Guilfest. My favourite festival so I have been super busy making stock, sorting out camping gear and collecting my trailer from its winter storage. This year we are going to try something new and video blog about our time there.

If you want to see how last years event went check out our blog post about here

This was us at last years festivals

right need to put the kids to bed so I can do some last minute sewing.

Kerry x

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Friends & Fetes

Saturday was spent at my kids school fete, I had signed up for a stall selling Strawberry Annie's goodies. I'd been a little run down last week with a cold and woke once again that morning feeling less than 100%.

I had planned to take my gazebo incase of showers but then I thought why not take a chance on it staying dry, and just load up my cargo trike with my stock and cycle there. Set up, sell loads, then load back up and cycle home. Could it work I pondered, would it all fit, would I get wet?

The weather after a shaky start with a very black sky stayed dry, everything fitted in my trike, I got some strange looks on route but made it in one piece. Set up took minutes, and my bows and flowers sold well.

As I sat in the sunshine chatting to other parents and staff it struck me how good it feels to 'belong' We moved to Chelmsford about 9 years ago after several years of moving around quite a bit and I can't now imagine moving away. It is so nice to know lots of people, be able to have a chat, have a laugh, see the kids have loads of friends. Ok enough of that, as I'm not really given to outright shows of emotional outpourings!

Laughs came in the form of watching the teachers attempt a Russian Cossack looked like a scene from a party that had gone on past when everyone should of gone home..

And at the end of the day, I loaded up my displays, stock and two kids and cycled home in the sunshine.

Kerry x

Friday, 1 July 2011

Pillowcase Dresses & Busy Days

Well despite my best intentions I have once again neglected this blog a little. I have been so busy getting orders out, designing new products and trying to prepare for Guilfest.

This week has been all about the display for the festies,and I have designed some rather funky ones this time round, I need to photograph them properly but will get them on here next time.

Strawberry Annie's are now selling some of their range on the rather lovely new shopping site Fluffbot... to celebrate this new outlet we have relaunched our pillowcase dresses, this time made from the most scrumptious fabrics, all 100% cotton and the dresses have a rather lovely hairclip/brooch on each

Tomorrow we will be selling at Westlands School Summer Fayre. I have my displays nearly finished, just need to make some price signs and maybe a few more ribbon covered headbands... Trying to decide whether I need to take my gazebo & tutus etc or whether I can manage to take it all on my trike..

I will have to see how lazy I feel in the morning, have a lovely weekend

Kerry x