Saturday, 2 July 2011

Friends & Fetes

Saturday was spent at my kids school fete, I had signed up for a stall selling Strawberry Annie's goodies. I'd been a little run down last week with a cold and woke once again that morning feeling less than 100%.

I had planned to take my gazebo incase of showers but then I thought why not take a chance on it staying dry, and just load up my cargo trike with my stock and cycle there. Set up, sell loads, then load back up and cycle home. Could it work I pondered, would it all fit, would I get wet?

The weather after a shaky start with a very black sky stayed dry, everything fitted in my trike, I got some strange looks on route but made it in one piece. Set up took minutes, and my bows and flowers sold well.

As I sat in the sunshine chatting to other parents and staff it struck me how good it feels to 'belong' We moved to Chelmsford about 9 years ago after several years of moving around quite a bit and I can't now imagine moving away. It is so nice to know lots of people, be able to have a chat, have a laugh, see the kids have loads of friends. Ok enough of that, as I'm not really given to outright shows of emotional outpourings!

Laughs came in the form of watching the teachers attempt a Russian Cossack looked like a scene from a party that had gone on past when everyone should of gone home..

And at the end of the day, I loaded up my displays, stock and two kids and cycled home in the sunshine.

Kerry x

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