Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The one where I was turned down..

Some of you might know I recently (well several weeks ago) applied for a studio at the a very beautiful local historic house. I was given an interview which I thought went fairly well and since then I have been on tenderhooks waiting to hear the result, and waiting, and waiting. Yesterday a letter arrived, a very standard letter, saying thanks for applying but no thank you.

To say I was gutted would be an understatement, it just would of been so perfect, a space away from the home, to work, create, design, think. It was near enough to drop the kids at school and then ride my bicycle there and unbelievably as it was it was in my budget.

I think I wouldn't of been quite so dissapointed if I had heard quicker the outcome, as time went on you want it more and more. It also would of been fantastic to get some feedback on why I was unsuccessful..I'm presuming it was because my products didn't really 'fit' into the arts & crafts criteria of the studios. I can fully understand this but in order to be able to pay my bills you have to be a bit more commercial than arty or I would be failing.

Sometimes what can feel like bad news at the time, can actually lead to something better down the line but on this occassion I can't quite see how, as nothing else i've seen is anywhere near my budget.

I need a group of creatives in Chelmsford to band together and set up our own studios, that would be fantastic but can't really imagine that happening. I would love to make it happen but I just don't have the resources financially to start it up.

Right moan and grumble finished on to better things...this weekend is Guilfest. My favourite festival so I have been super busy making stock, sorting out camping gear and collecting my trailer from its winter storage. This year we are going to try something new and video blog about our time there.

If you want to see how last years event went check out our blog post about here

This was us at last years festivals

right need to put the kids to bed so I can do some last minute sewing.

Kerry x


  1. Sorry to hear that and that it was done in such a corporate way.

    Will definitely try and pop over and say hi at Guilfest!

  2. Setting up studios in Chelmsford sounds amazing, I would love to be part of something like this, and would deffo have helped you out with this one, however I think I would be trying to run before I could walk as I am still fairly new to this crafty business and only just starting out, maybe next year though, watch this space : ) xxx