Sunday, 28 August 2011

Guilfest 2011 - rain rain rain

Well Guilfest has always been my favourite of festival, loads of people, good mix, plenty of families and usually loads of money spent....NOT THIS YEAR!

We traveled to Guildford Thursday morning (late as usual) and arrived on site to gorgeous sunshine. We had the lovely Sarah from Photos by Sarah, along to help us this year. So the stall went up quickly and we were soon busy 'strawberryfing' it. My new picture frames displays looked gorgeous and quirky and we were confident that it would be a good event.

Unfortunately sleep was hard to track down Thursday night due to some very noisy neighbours (the singing nuns!) I crawled out of my tent Friday morning feeling tired and ill, and the day kind of went down hill from there. The sun did shine but the festival felt empty, I wasn't too worried at this point as Friday is always a slow day, leading into the very busy Saturday.

We awoke Saturday to the unmistakable sound of rain bouncing off our tents, and it proceeded to rain sometimes torrential for most of the weekend. Both sets of lights for the stall blew out, so we were sat in the dark every evening unable for customers to see our goods.

Trade overall was exceptionally slow and on the Sunday I was keen to go home. By one o'clock in the morning we were loaded up ready to go, and then the lights packed up on my trailer. At this point it was hard to keep spirits up, we eventually got home around 5.30am, ready to get up at 8am to go to Gloucester to collect the little strawberries and then back to go to work with Sarah Monday evening when she was photographing a prom. Busy times.

Sorry for the grumpy post, normal cheerfulness will be resumed next time.

Kerry x

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