Sunday, 11 December 2011

It's Starting To Feel Alot Like Christmas...

Oh dear I've been a rubbish strawberry and neglecting my blog once again. So much has been happening since my last post.

We had a long awaited for trip to Disney World Florida. The sun shone, the little strawberries smiled and it was all very laid back and relaxing.

By the time we returned to the UK it was difficult to get back in my stride with Strawberry Annie's but as we fast approached the Christmas rush, the orders started coming in and we got creative once more.

It has been steady this year but I have a full order book for the coming week so I predict some early morning and late night sewing. It is not too late though to order a custom tutu for your princess. If you need to get a present for a niece or close friends daughter than how about one of our Frou Frou tutus? These tutus are really full and fluffy and best of all they come in their very own gorgeous gift box! So all you have to do is impress your family and friends with your amazing gift choice.

I have loads more to tell you but will leave it there for today but will be blogging right the way up to Christmas now as I have lots of ideas to share with you.

Kerry x

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