Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Strawberry Christmas

oh dear, I had so many plans for what I wanted to blog about in the run up to Christmas, but between lots of tutu orders and family things, time ran out.

So heres a quick round up of how the Strawberries spent Christmas Day...

The kids were under strict instructions not to get up before 7am, always a problem for my son who is a very early riser. After a fairly late night, I really struggled to get up despite them jumping on our bed repeatedly.

They put their Christmas sacks in the lounge as I don't trust them not to wake up in the night and open them all without us! So before they could go and see, eldest daughter had to be awoken which when your a grumpy teenager is no easy task but did give us a chance to make a cup of tea before the present frenzy.

Father Christmas had come up trumps once more, filling the sacks with some lovely gifts, and surprisingly managing to get the right gifts in the right sacks.

I got this absolutely gorgeous Strawberry Dress from the fabulous Vivien Of Holloway shop, thanks to my husband making a last minute shopping detour after I very unsubtely hinted I wanted it!

After breakfast and general faffing about we loaded up Delia with kids, dog, and everything the kids wanted to show their Nanny. After searching for a petrol station as I'd forgot to fill her up before, we set off for my parents an hour later than planned.

At parents house yet more presents but sadly none from us, as I discovered to my horror I'd left the box with everyone's presents at home. To say I was gutted was an understatement, I had bought some really nice gifts and wrapped them beautifully, packed them all in one box so I wouldn't forget any, then forgot the whole box!

Lovely Christmas Dinner, and in case your wondering I wasn't really sat on my own, the kids had been there but they had drifted off to play with their toys.

We left around 8pm so arrived home late, with some very grumpy, exhausted kids, ready for the next round the following day, as Boxing Day is my youngest daughters birthday.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas

the strawberries x

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